Thursday, January 11, 2007

Went to my ortho today. My tops look pretty good but he is going to get me a retainer that I pick up Tuesday that has little springs in the back, on the outside edge of each of those teeth next to the front. Then he is going to sand one of the front on the bottom to make them look more even. If you haven't noticed already he put brackets on the bottom because the invisalign was unable to push back one of the teeth next to my bottom canines and neither canines twisted like they were suppose to. They feel weird, but not too much different than the bottom aligner because that one ballooned out across the bottom front and back. So bad in fact that I got a canker sore in my lip in front of the bottom. The difference is that I can't take them out to eat and my molars don't touch when I try to bite down. My ortho said that will change in about a week when my teeth get use to them. They don't hurt at all.

I went with gold brackets and pink little round things that go around the brackets. I was going to go with clear but the assistant told me that the brackets are bigger and the round parts stain really really bad so they are anything but clear.

The bottom of my top teeth touch the top of the bottom brackets .

Oh my top arch looks so much better. You can see what I mean about the tooth next to the front (left side on the pic) not twisting straight enough. Ortho thinks the spring thing attached to the retainer will be enough to straighten the tooth out a bit more.
Not sure how long I will have to wear the brackets. I go back in three weeks so we will see.


Christine said...

Hey Penny,

Welcome to the hybrid club! :) The nice thing about braces is that you don't have to worry about getting them back in immediately after eating since they're always on.

I had the same issues about molars not touching in the back when the braces were first put on. Four months into my 'braces' portion of treatment, and most of my molars are touching.

You wrote: "the round parts stain really really bad so they are anything but clear." I haven't had any problem with the bands staining at all. In fact, it wasn't until my latest adjustment (Jan. 11) that I knew that I even had bands on my teeth! Okay, I'm an idiot, but I really didn't know how the arch wire stayed in place. I've never watched what the ortho's assistant was doing; I normally close my eyes when adjustments are made. This last time, I kept them open, and I noticed that the assistant kept putting these clear little round things into my mouth. I asked her what they were, and she game me a look as if to say, "What? Are you serious?!" So, long story short, I can't see the bands at all, even when I look close up.

Maybe the clear bands would stand out more with your gold brackets, though. They're very "Bling, bling!" :)

Penny said...

the assistant deals alot with kids and you know how often we brush our teeth- kids don't. I have to remind my son to brush his grrr. Maybe that's why she says they stain-because the kids she deals with don't obsessively brush their teeth :). We probably don't give those bands any time to stain lol. Please tell me eating gets easier. I dread eating because my top teeth hit the brackets and feel.. icky. My bottom teeth feel really loose. Feels like the only thing holding them in my mouth is the wire.eewwww

InvisiLuLu said...

For an express treatment, it has great results! The uppers look great even with the wonky one. Good luck with the lowers. They do look funky with the pink - good for you!

Anne said...

Just wonderin' how it's going with the springy thing, Penny - & the braces. Progress - yes?