Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm actually on my third set starting today but I'm going back in time to tell what happened two weeks ago here.
It's a Sunday and I'm not suppose to change aligner trays until Tuesday but my tongue next to the last two molars on my right side hurts. I've managed to play with it with my tongue so much that I've tried sanding it down with a file and still can't get it to feel better. Oh much better and hey my lisp is gone.
Saw my orthodontist at back to school night. His daughter and mine go to the same school. Told him that I changed aligners and why. He told me to get a pair of scissors and just clip that area out between those molars and then file any rough edges. Did that when I got home and it made a huge difference. I've included a picture of myself with my second aligner.

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Penny said...

Forgot to add that regular braces cost $3950, full invisalign is $4500 and express is $2700. Express invisalign is any invisalign series where the total aligners is 10 sets or less.