Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is the first time I've done this blogging this so please forgive me.
I call this "I'm gonna eat ya" It was taken before I got my first invisalign aligner. My top teeth aren't really that crooked except for the tooth on the left hand side with the little filling in it. I call that tooth "the food catcher" because it always seems to get food stuck in the front between it and my front tooth. Wow look at all the metal. My bottoms are quite a bit more crowded.
When my son got braces and he asked me if I was going to get braces also. I told him I was too old. This I got from the dentist I went to a few years before. I brought up braces with him and he basically said I was too old. I was only maybe 26-30, can't really remember. Then I started thinking that hey I'm not that old. I'm only 38. I've seen people older than myself with them. I asked his orthodontist about how much invisalign cost. He told me that they now have an express package that is almost half the cost of the full invisalign setup. I said I wanted to see if I qualified for the express because I didn't think I needed too much orthodontic work.
I had my impressions taken and he sent them off. It took two weeks but then my ortho heard back. Darn it, invisalign didn't like my top impression. Had to redo it and send it back in.
Finally came in. Dr Summers had to sand between about 8 teeth on the top and 8 on the bottom before he put the glue dabs on that hold the trays in. Oh my oh my did that hurt! He used this little strip of sandpaper and my teeth are very tight. I thought he was going to knock a couple out.
My teeth are very sore and stayed sore for about 7-8 days. I hated taking the trays out. No more snacking for me because its too much of a hassle to take out the aligners then eat and then put them back in. Didn't realize how much I snacked before. Oh well needed to lose about 20 pounds anyway.

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WeatherWoman said...

HI, I was playing online and cuaght your orthodontal blog. I love it.
I'm sorry to hear the invisalign didn't work out for you.

Here's another horror story for you. (Why I was searching online and came across your blog.)

I was supposed to take 18 months in invisalign. Fast forward to now, 2 years 10 months later. I have had to have trays remade due to poor quality, some were actually WHITE, some were so grooved it was obvious I was wearing them at all times. The trimming by the company was non existant ! I had to go at them with baby fingernail snips, and a rotary fingernail dremil type tool. This all took hours. I had 47 sets of trays, More uppers than lowers.
BUT, I've been done with the lowers for over a year. Eventhough they FAILED totally at rotating one of my front teeth.The final final tray for the lowers caused so much pain that I hardly wore them. (the chewies look great BTW, never heard of them)

Today I was at the end of my rope. I was also on the final day of my final upper and lower tray.

I told the ortho that I would do whatever else we needed to do to finish the straightening process, but I'm DONE with the trays. The pain was incredible.

She didn't even flinch. She's been having problems forever with invisalign, their company, their qaulity control, their process and end result etc. Then the whole OrthoClear disaster, and the insuing Invisalign takeover. She refuses to deal with anymore. She tossed the trays. and slapped on lovely gold brackets, wire, and bands on both my uppers AND lowers.

So you are not alone. I have no idea how long this little process will last, but you're right, compared to tray pain, these baby's are a BREEZE !!!

My top teeth touch the bottom brackets too. This too shall pass.

Caryl - 37 - Ohio