Saturday, April 21, 2007

The first picture was taken 2/27/07 and it shows me trying to bite down. I just went to the orthodontist yesturday for my monthly "tightening" , which is actually just getting a new wire put in and new little colored bands. This time I chose metalic green, pretty ey. The second picture was taken this morning. I'm able to close my mouth just a bit more. I found out yesturday that my molars should be touching. hmm. He said he will have to work on that. I thought it was just the bottom brackets keeping them from touching. I have no idea how much longer I have to wear them for. I have to wear my top retainer during the day as long as I have the braces on the bottom. Then as far as I know I only will have to wear the darn thing at night.

This is today bottom view.


blakestin said...

Hi Penny, I like your blog and would love to interview you about your Invisalign experience. My email is Send me an email if you are interested and we can talk further. thanks

blakestin said...

It has been a few weeks since my last comment and I would love to hear back from you. It looks like you have not posted on your blog in a while, so that might be why I have not heard from you. It looks like you had an interesting experience with Invisalign and I would like to interview. Get back to me.