Monday, September 10, 2007

Opps didn't realize how long its been since I last posted. The retainer that I got for my top teeth did finally straighten out that top tooth next to the canine. The only problem was that it was quite a bit shorter than the other teeth. You can see that if you look at the last few pictures I posted. So my orthodontist being the nice guy he is put braces on the top teeth at no charge. Did I say he was a nice guy? He really is. This was all oh a few months back. He has kept the bottom brackets on now because he says he has to keep them on to move with the uppers so my bite will be good. I'll try and get pictures with this post but mini me always requires my attention , especially if I'm trying to do anything on the computer
. ok so luckily my dig pic's are date stamped. This pic is from July. I thought that I took more pictures than I actually did this last couple of months. I think that I actually got them on the end of may/begining of june. I'll take more soon and post them. My upper tooth next to the canine pulled down nicely. Not sure how much longer I have left. They look a whole lot straighter than they did after the invisalign. The first wire hurt some but not as much as the aligners did. Then the second wire HURT really bad but its alot better now. My son just got rubber bands on his. He is soo happy about it, says his teeth feel great! BBAAAAhhh just kidding he hates them. He says his teeth dont meet anymore and they hurt really bad for probably over a week. I dont have the posts on the back brackets like he does only on my canines so I highly doubt I will have to wear bands. They would have to either put more brackets on since they don't go all the way to the back molars or they would have to replace the last bracket with ones that have the rubber band posts. ha ha pssss. I'm such a nice mommy :)


ELWhite said...

how do you eat w/ the retainer in, i have a "bite plain" its similar to a retainer, my molars don't touch anymore I can't figure out how to eat >_<

i have a slight overbite so the only contact for chewing is my bottom front teeth on the bite plain

can't figure it out, the lisp isn't so bad only had ppl completely not understand me when i used an odd word like "recluse"

Penny said...

I took the retainer out when I would eat.I never even tried eating with them on. I don't have it now since my ortho put brackets on my top teeth, but I will have it back when he my braces are done and he takes the brackets off. Hopefully your molars will start to touch again soon.

Jenna said...

Oh, nice to see the improvement of your teeth because of metal braces. Some people think that metal braces look bad in aesthetics. While other people think that metal braces are fashionable. Well, maybe it depends on how you carry the braces. Luckily today, people have another option for braces, the invisalign or the invisible braces.

Jenna Schrock