Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hopefully I will be done soon. One of the assistants said maybe by Christmas. Now he is trying to get my bite right. He got my teeth straight but then my canines flared out everytime I bit down. owiee. He widened my uppers but then my molars weren't close enough together so now he is trying to get them to touch all the way again. I'm a trouble maker I tell ya. I'll try to remember to post some current pictures soon. I have to download them to my computer and my card reader has been having problems lately.


Anita said...


I just came across your invisalign blog. I am currently doing the Express treatment as well, but my dentist told me I was getting the "full treatment" (and was charged for full treatment as well). Do you know what the difference is between Express and full treatment?


Penny said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I forget my password..and login name.. and last week I even forgot how to spell my last name. In my defense I was severly sleep deprived at the time. Express is 10 sets of aligners or less and don't normally include any additional trays to finish any "undone work". Full treatment is quite a bit more expensive and when the set number of trays are done the orthodontist makes new impressions and sends them in to the company to see if you need any refinements done on your teeth, which means more trays to finish the job. make sense?