Monday, December 04, 2006

Just put in my 8th aligner last night before I went to sleep. Woke up and oh my goodness. My teeth hurt oh oh oh. It doesnt help that I keep pushing my top teeth against my bottom teeth. Doesn't hurt until I release the pressure. I'm trying to push against that "bubbly" gap on to of the bottom tooth that sticks out a bit. My tops don't really hurt that bad. It is just kinda sore on the second tooth on the top (my other "offender") It also has a bit of a gap on the bottom but not as bad as the bottom. Oh man do I have a tiny blond goatee?? Or is something stuck under my lip. oh my how embarassing. nahh could be black , now that would be embarassing.
I hear how some people get drooly. I really haven't been. Actually my mouth has been pretty darn dry and my lips keep on sticking to the aligners. Like plastic vacuum lip suctioners. I'm really not baring my teeth at you, just unsticking my lips. I think I have like 20 mint lip balms around the house because my lips get so dry. babble babble babble. I think I'm babbling again.
I asked my husband for a new dig camera for Christ-X (yes I'm a rebel and I would rather take the mas out of Christmas then Christ). I even circled the add and added a coupon hee hee. It's ok if he doesn't get it, its only an object, but I would really love it. hee hee. It's a sony cybershot. Any comments on that model? I looked on amazon and everyone who commented on it liked it.


Christine said...

Hey Penn,

You're teeth are coming along quite nicely! Congrats! BTW, I hope you get that digital camera for Christmas. :) You deserve it, especially since you've got such a great sense of humor.

I've posted some pics of my hybrid teeth at my blog,

I'm still in limbo with OrthoClear- the ortho doesn't really know much (or isn't willing to divulge info!), but I'm supposed to be back on track for Invisalign in March 2007.

Cheers, and good luck with the rest of your treatment!

Penny said...

I only have one more aligner left and one of my bottom teeth isn't cooperating very well. Dr summers says that he will be thinking of what to do to fix it. He said maybe a wired bonded to the back.
I know I will get that camera hee hee. I had the store call my husband when the camera came in- they were out and had to order more. Then he told me he got the camera. I will try to act surpised :). How you like the hybrid thing? I'm wondering if my Dr will try brackets when I'm done and if he will charge me for them ecks.

Christine said...

Hey Penn,

So did you get that camera? :)

I had some of the same problems as you with certain bottom teeth just not moving as they should. Progress seemed really slow with the aligners compared with what my teeth have done with the brackets/braces.

The braces really aren't so bad on the bottom. The hardest part of it all was shelling out an additional $750. :P Seriously, once you've had aligners on your teeth, the braces don't feel that weird.

I'm curious if you decide to go ahead with the wire bonding behind the teeth. Would it be permanent? Do you have the option to do brackets on the outside of your teeth?

Hope you have a safe and fun New Year! :)