Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well now I'm on my 10th aligner and my bottom teeth just don't want to cooperate. They are straighter but one of the four front teeth (the bottom left on this pic) just doesn't want to move back all the way and the one next to it (closest to the first small molar) on both sides just don't want to be symmetrical. I don't have my next appointment until jan 11th . my ortho said he was going to be thinking between my last appt and the one in January on how he was going to do refinements. I'm now kinda thinking braces don't sound too bad.

My uppers don't look too bad although I hope my ortho can somehow get my stubborn upper tooth on the left next to the front to twist a bit more.

Here is my bottoms with the bad bad aligners in. The bottom left tooth doesn't want to go back and so there is a big gap on the top and it balloons out in the back next to my tongue. My aligners aren't so invisible anymore oh well.

Yes Christine I got my camera for Christmas. One of the guys I work with his wife had him get his own gift and when I asked if she also had him wrap it he said yes she did! LOLOL

First Grade can be pretty tough! :) Just kidding. My daughter aka mini me decided she wanted to put on some makeup. With the missing tooth and the dark brown eyeshadow she looks like she got in a fight. I just had to include this.

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