Monday, December 04, 2006

Here is a pic of my first aligner (top ones) and my 7th aligner (bottom). Quite a difference in the two.

The picture above is my before invisalign and the one on the right is after I had aligner #7 in for about a week. Looks like my front teeth are quite a bit straighter and my jaw doesn't look as narrow. The owie spot on the bottom back of this aligner has stopped digging into my check thank goodness but now I have a gap on the top of the tooth that still sticks out a bit and when I push down on it with my top teeth the aligner pops off the first molar button. Got better just before I changed to the next aligner.

Wow can't seem to get these two pictures to separate. They must like each other ALOT. Anyway, the one on the left is my before and the one on the right is after I had in the 7th aligner in for about a week. My upper like my bottom is starting to get more of a wider U shape to it. Like the bottom I have a top tooth (the offending one is the one with the dot filling in it) that just doesn't want to turn easily. Found out that all the metal in my mouth wasn't caused by poor brushing or eating habits as child. Apparently my molars didn't want to form correctly and so I had small holes in them when they popped out of the gums. The dentist told my mom he had to treat them as cavities and fill them or else they would turn into cavities. This wasn't a huge shock to me about the not fully formed teeth as I have another part of me that didn't want to fuse together and form one whole part. Lets just say I'm lucky to have a couple of rug rats running around and breaking things around the house.
Sorry it took me so long to update this. I was kinda shocked when I looked and realized it had been over a month. sorry guys

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