Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just started my 4th aligner. My twisted tooth just doesnt really want to move. I got some aligner chewies from
They are wonderful. After chewing on them for a little while that tooth started to move a little . yeahhh

Here I am with the bottom #4 aligner in. I took my before picture into the bathroom and compared now to then and they are starting to look a little straigher. happy happy

My ortho gave me a strawberry (?) flavored aligner chewie. Didnt think it tasted so good. Think I will stick with my unflavored one and just soak it in mouth wash.
Also got an aligner ultrasonic from the jawproducts place. Only 20.00

Here is a slide view of the chewie. Love the things. Only costs 1.75 for 3 and like 65 cents to ship. Got two packages. They are addictive, chew chew chew
Like gum only...unflavored :)

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