Thursday, October 19, 2006

Now I'm on my 4th aligner set. Here is a pic of my lower aligners. The one on the right is my 1st lower aligner and the left one is my 4th. Sorry the quality suckith much.

Pedro at the invisalign factory did a poor job cutting around the inside front. Ouchie owie it cut the heck out of the underside of my tongue until I filed that area down.

This one is a little better. The top one is my 1st aligner and the one on the bottom is my 4th. Pedro has done an ok job with this tray. Maybe he has some anger issues. One person told me that Edro Pedro's evil twin trimmed her last one. hmmm

This is a picture of my before on my uppers. Not real u shaped and the tooth with the little dot filling is slightly twisted. Wow look at all that metal. I think when I am done I will start replacing them with tooth colored fillings.

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