Monday, October 23, 2006

Put in my 5th aligner Sunday (yesterday) and boy does my mouth hurt. This one is one of the most owwiest aligner. In the pictures below I don't have the aligners in either of them. The one on the left is my before invisalign and the one on the right is 24hours after putting in my 5th.
Now I'm on number 5 out of 10 aligners!! yeahh!
My bottoms are starting to straighten out. The bottom aligner hurts right now. Its really pushing that tooth on the bottom left back and its really tender. When I first put it in it had a big gap on the top of the tooth. I just chewed on an aligner chewie and now its fits a little better. Pedro really was having a bad day at the factory when he cut this one. My tongue hurts. Along the side on the bottom its still trying to cut up my tongue even after I clipped the part that sticks out a bit between the back two molars. I really dislike the taste of blood. yuck yuck yuck ewwww. It totally grosses me out to see when people suck on there cuts. shudder

Below are pictures of my top teeth. Again both are without aligners on. The one on the left is before invisalign and the one on the right is 24hours after putting in my 5th aligner. My twisted tooth on the left next to my front tooth is starting to twist straighter and the two teeth next to those teeth are starting to move more inward. I really feel the pressure on that second tooth on the right as its pushing that tooth inward and it really really hurts after I put the aligner back in. It should be better in the next day or so.


Mrs. Joseph said...

Good to see your progress. said...

Keep up the posting on your Invisalign experience. I'm thinking of doing it soon. One question for you: Do they affect your speech pattern? I knew this guy years ago that had a pretty noticable lisp and he had some kind of liners. I don't know if it was Invisalign or not.

Penny said...

I do have a slight lisp. It's not that noticeable. It gets worse when I'm tired, have to talk alot or have just put in a new aligner that makes it hurt to talk. After a couple of days the lisp goes away.I will update this blog. I've just been kinda busy lately.

Anne said...


How's it goin'?

It's been a while -
howzzabout an update?

You must be gettin' there...