Friday, October 20, 2006

Me at work at 0500 after drinking a 4 shot keith richards mocha and off to do morning blood draws.

Good morning! My name is Penny and I'm from the lab! Your doctor has ordered some blood tests so I will be drawing some blood from you!
First what is your name and your date of birth?! Oh I see you are intubated and are on milk of amnesia! Dont worry you wont remember any of this!

Now lets see what kind of veins you have!
Why are you shaking your head violently? Are you a head injury? Should I ask the nurse to change your restraints to leather? I think they are more comfortable.

What the heck! Why oh why did they put your IV's on both your hands?! Now where am I suppose to draw? Oh I know, look at that big vein in the middle of your head!
Oh hi my nurse friend! oh he has a central line you can get the blood from. oh... okay. Darn I always wanted to draw from a forehead vein and look at that fatty.

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